Panettone artigianale Freecao - 1 Kg

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Freecao Panettone is Foreverland's special surprise for this holiday season! 🎁

This is an artisanal panettone, with Freecao drops and candied orange, naturally leavened and made in collaboration with Parco la Serra an Apulian pastry, represents a fusion of tradition, innovation and the Apulian territory.

Ingredients: type β€œ00” soft wheat flour, butter, pasteurized egg yolk, Freecao drops 17% (karitΓ¨ oil, organic carob (20%), sugar, oat extract, rice flour, emulsifyer: sunflower lecithin, natural flavor), candied oranges 8% (glucose-fructose syrup and sugar), granulated sugar, water, sourdough (gluten), honey, orange paste (sugar and oranges), salt, lemon zest, Bourbon vanilla, malted barley and corn extract (barley malt and corn).

Contains gluten, lactose and eggs and may contain traces of nuts, peanuts and soy.

P.S. They will be delivered starting December 8! πŸ“¬